Are We Yet Alive or Just the Walking Dead? #UMCGC

From what I’ve seen from the General Conference live feed and Twitter conversation (I am not there personally) there are two narratives pushing forward. The first is one of hope and unity, we can overcome, and we will be better together in the future. This narrative usually comes from worship services and sometimes the presentations. […]



Why Rule 44 is Problematic #UMCGC

Another quadrennium has come and gone and once again United Methodists from around the globe are gathered in Portland, Oregon at our General Conference to discuss over 1,000 petitions seeking to change our Church Discipline. However, before the delegates can engage in the business of the day they must agree to *how* they will discuss […]

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Who is Coversing and Who is Listening? #UMCGC

On Saturday, April 16, I joined others from the Pulaski, Columbia, and Nashville Districts of the Tennessee Annual Conference for what was billed as a “Holy Conversation” about sexuality and what may come at General Conference 2016. We were also told that after attending this meeting we could go back to our churches and answer […]

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Battle Lines Are Being Drawn For #UMCGC 2016

First, I am sorry that it has been over 7 months since my last post. My wife has had health problems and my world has been somewhat crazy. Now that we are approaching another General Conference, I will post more and offer some insight and commentary of the goings on as we move closer to […]

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All You Need Is Love, But What About Holiness?

John Lennon said it best, “All you need is love…love is all you need.” If you speak with Christians from different perspectives then you are bound to hear all about love. We should love our neighbor and we should love our enemies. Every time there is a confrontation within the Church you are sure to […]

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What Have We Become?

Each week, there is a new story, a new tragedy, a new event that breaks my heart and forces me to ask the question: What have we become, as a society, as a culture, as a nation, and as a Church? Why do most of us remain silent and complacent in the face of such […]

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Why the AME Charleston Shooting Reminds Me Why I am a Christian

Let me begin by stating clearly, I am a white, straight, male, and so I cannot fully understand the pain, the fear, the thoughts that must be going through my brothers and sisters of color. I do not claim to know, but I can listen to their stories and I am willing to listen. I […]

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